Shoe Zone Company History

Bensonshoe (as it then was) was acquired in 1980 by Michael and Christopher Smith (father and uncle respectively of current Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Smith, and current Chief Operating Officer, Charles Smith).

Key milestones in Shoe Zone's development include the following:

1980 Michael and Christopher Smith purchase Bensonshoe.

1981 J W Wassall plc acquired.

1986 John Tyler & Sons, Limited acquired.

1996 Change of trading name to Shoe Zone.

1997 Anthony Smith becomes Chief Executive Officer having joined the business in 1993.

2000 Oliver Group plc acquired.

2001 Charles Smith becomes Chief Operating Officer having joined the business in 1998.

2006 Nick Davis becomes Chief Financial Officer having joined the business in 2003.

2007 Shoefayre acquired.

2008 Assets of Stead & Simpson and Shoe Express acquired.

2010 launched.

2012 Reorganisation of the Group's structure to re-focus on the Shoe Zone brand.

2013 Launch of online shop on Amazon.