Girls' Bootie Slippers

If you know a little girl who’d like to keep her feet cosy around the house, then a pair of girls’ bootie slippers is sure to help get the job done. Unlike regular slippers, these extend up past the ankle, and thus provide warmth to the whole foot, and keep those pesky cold draughts at bay. They’re padded with exceptionally soft faux-fur on the interior, which is sure to provide exactly the required snugness when she’s trying to unwind this winter – and they’re sure to be worn on just about every other day of the year, too!
As well as being incredibly comfortable, these bootie slippers for girls are also incredibly resilient, and they make fantastically fashionable alternatives to the classic slipper designs. There are floral, bright and pastel-shaded designs to choose from, and adorable little pom-poms dangling from the top of each bootie, which little girls are sure to love. Our girl’s bootie slippers are functional, stylish and comfy. But that doesn’t mean that they cost the earth: all the items listed here are priced very reasonably.
Girls Bootie Slippers