Trolls Shoes and Accessories for Kids’

Both Trolls shoes and Trolls slippers are a sure-fire way to please just about any child with an appreciation of those eccentrically-coiffed little creatures. With the 2016 release of a Trolls film by Dreamworks (and a planned 2020 sequel in the works) a whole new generation has been exposed to all things Troll-related. Here, you’ll find our Trolls-branded footwear, along with just about everything else related to the famous franchise. Dreamworks Trolls slippers come in various styles. There are touch-fasten slippers, featuring bold pink colours at the rear. Then there are slipper-socks that’ll capably warm and comfort a pair of tiny feet as they wander around the house. If you have a child that needs to carry things around, our messenger bags and backpacks allow children to transport their belongings in style. The latter looks just like one of the characters, and so it’s sure to be spotted from afar – and it won’t easily be confused with any other child’s backpack! Troll-related merchandise is sure to please any pint-sized fan of the franchise. Know such a person? Buy them a pair of Trolls shoes or slippers today!

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